i’m trying to work a little more slowly and thoughtfully to get these goldfish just how I want them

My eventual plan, like with most of my paintings these days, is to print these goldfish on fabric. That has it’s own challenges, though. This image, for instance, has actually been inversed; the real painting is of a black fish on white paper, with all of his details done in white ink. But it that the most efficient way to plan out what something will look like in print? After doing this, I don’t think so. But it was still a worthwhile experiment!

Mollusk Collection

My collection of snail fabric has arrived in the mail! I never feel like my patterns are really finished until I can hold them in my hands.






Over the past few years, my Mom has taken up quilting. She’s now well on her way to mastering traditional, geometric quilting, as well as landscape quilting (which I encourage you to look up- I had never heard of it before she took a class on the subject, and the quilts people create are absolutely stunning). While working on these snail patterns, I was inspired by her to do a collection of fabrics that could be used together in a project like a quilt. While it doesn’t really look like it in these pictures, the snails and polka dots all use the same color palette to make them easy to mix and match. A better look can be had here.

Wolf Pack

I’ve been pretty distracted lately as my own personal wolf pack has grown. But friendships and relationships have been on my mind lately, so here’s an unending sea of wolves, a tight knit pack.


First, laying out the grid and drawing the wolves…


Starting to paint!


The painting ended up a little too big to fit comfortably on my scanner. I always keep my fingers crossed when photomerging things- sometimes Photoshop messes up spectacularly.


And after adding some color, we have a wolf pack! I’ve been loving all the indigo dyed/chambray pieces of clothing I’ve seen floating around lately, and wanted to try and get that beautiful deep blue. Maybe I’ll just have to print this on some fabric and make myself something cool…