one more before everything comes together…

I’m not sure if I’ve done any painting quite as relaxing to do as these goldfish. I’m going to miss painting them, but I also feel myself getting anxious for the next phase of this project. And to also get some color in my life instead of all of this black and white!

i’m trying to work a little more slowly and thoughtfully to get these goldfish just how I want them

My eventual plan, like with most of my paintings these days, is to print these goldfish on fabric. That has it’s own challenges, though. This image, for instance, has actually been inversed; the real painting is of a black fish on white paper, with all of his details done in white ink. But it that the most efficient way to plan out what something will look like in print? After doing this, I don’t think so. But it was still a worthwhile experiment!

inky goldfish in progress

I started a new job last year, my first big-girl, all-day-every-day, grown-up job. It’s been challenging, figuring out how to manage my now much more limited free time. I feel like I’m constantly dropping the ball on something, but I suppose there has to be some give and take. And if I’m giving up my free time to be able to afford my apartment, well… that’s just a no-brainer, isn’t it?

But my job has a great perk- I’m still in a creative environment, and I get to see new, beautiful things made every day. These goldfish I’m going to start working on will hopefully be a marriage of my artwork, and the new resources available to me at my day job. We’ll just have to wait and see what shakes out!