Send In The Hounds

After a post dedicated to cats, I decided it was time to let the dogs have their day in the sun. On my desk, at least.

As much as I love drawing highly stylized, brightly colored animals, I also want to get better at drawing them a bit more realistically. I guess these guys are still very stylized, but not as much as, say, here. I decided to tackle smaller dogs, but I’d like to try drawing bigger dogs in the future as well. Maybe a greyhound or Irish setter. Or a St. Bernard.


First up is a Pembroke Corgi, based loosely on one of my parents’ dogs (yes, I am lucky enough to get to hang out with a pair of corgis when I visit my family, as if visiting family wasn’t awesome enough already). I love their oversized ears! For the longest time my drawing didn’t look right, until I made the ears bigger than I thought realistic. But that’s exactly what he needed, larger-than-life ears!


Second, a Pekingese. I am a huge fan of these little guys, with their flowing locks and little waddling steps. In my opinion, they have one of the greatest origin stories for a breed of dogs- they were bred to look like Chinese lions, and would be kept hidden in peoples’ sleeves, ready to jump out and bite anyone wicked!

frenchbulldog_smallThird is an adorable little French bulldog pup. I don’t know much about these guys, other than the fact that they’re pretty stinkin’ cute.

I’m hoping to use these guys in an upcoming project, so hopefully I’ll have more doggy things to share soon!

More Swatches!

And more besides swatches!
But swatches first. In my last post, I mentioned that I had turned some drawing of corgis into a fabric pattern.

I just received my swatch in the mail today, and it looks great! Really, the pictures I took don’t do them justice.

Each corgi is about 1.25″ long. It’s super cute, if I say so myself.

I also ordered a swatch of fabric that I designed a while ago. Unfortunately, the color isn’t as rich on this one as I was expecting. It’s still pretty good though. And I think it would be worth going back and redesigning the layout so it isn’t so easy to pick out where the pattern starts to repeat.

Besides that, I started a painting the other day, but progress has been slow after a stupidly pulled a bunch of muscles in my arm while playing tennis. But I like how it looks so far! And by being forced to slow own, I have to think a little bit more about where it’s going.

I was considering giving her tattoos, but now I don’t know.

For a while I was thinking about giving her a much more detailed dress; I decided not to, but spent a while flipping though my fashion books anyways. In my little book on 60’s fashion, there were some serious advertising gems. Like this one here:

And this one:

Here’s a close-up of the copy:

I’m torn between being awed at how modern it seems, or disappointed that advertising hasn’t gotten much better than this (although, “a model is a mannequin” seems a bit harsh, no?).

Okay, last one. It’s just weird and fun:

And a little plug for my fabric (because the banner is so cute!):


Well, now that that’s out of the way.

The last three paintings I did in 2011 were gifts for my family, which I would like to share here. It was fun to take into account their likes and dislikes, to consider what I knew of their taste in art, and to come up with something they wouldn’t absolutely hate to have on display out of obligation whenever I visit.

So, for my sister, a corgi (the family has two) dressed in her school colors and cheering the team on.

For my mom, some koi swimming by.

And for my dad, my interpretation of Ren & Stimpy, which, if you haven’t seen that show, go find it. Now. Here’s a small taste.


So happy holidays, and have a fantastic new year you guys.


I finally finished!

I was worried that U-Z would be difficult, but I actually really enjoyed doing those letters! I think the fact that there are fewer popular animal names that begin with those letters made things a bit freer.

So here they all are! You can see them in detail at my website.

Update: due to a certain amount of interest, I’ve started to make prints available. If there’s any work you’re interested in that you don’t see available, please let me know!


You heard it here first!

In a little over a month, I have completed the first half of my current project, The Anibet (Animal Alphabet, to those of you who are new around here). It’s been a learning process, and a good one. I’ve had to start considering the pieces as part of a collection, not just individuals; this has had a generally positive effect on both my animal and color choices (otherwise these would all end up being red and turquoise fish. Which, now that I think about it, may be a good next project…). 

The collection can be viewed at letterPLAYGROUND, as well as in their full-sized glory at my website.