Cats Cats Cats

I have to say, I’ve been drawing and painting tons of cats lately. Cats everywhere. Sorry If you don’t like them, I know my last post was about cats too.

First, I’ve continued doing portraits of cats. This is my best friend’s cat; he was rescued from under a house at only a few days old. He looks like a flame point siamese, and yes, his eyes do that- whatever the opposite of cross-eyed is. Wall-eyed, I think. He’s a pretty cute guy, even though he tends to hiss at me.


Next, I had an idea for a repeat pattern of all cats. I started drawing them all, one by one…

Screenshot 2014-09-17 10.30.21

Screenshot 2014-09-17 10.30.34

You can see on the top of the second picture how I started out with a sort of template, then customized each one when it came time to paint it.

Eight cats, some other bits, and a few hours sunk into Photoshop later, I had my pattern!


Those are catnip leaves and flowers all around them. I like how between the Siamese, the Scottish Fold, the Norwegian Forest Cat, the Japanese Bobtail, and the Cornish Rex, it became quite the international who’s-who of cats. I wanted to use a late summer/early fall color scheme (as even though it’s technically fall, it’s still dreadfully hot here in LA).

And finally, a different kind of cat- a quick drawing of some of the girls from the movie High School Hellcats. If you have Netflix instant, I cannot recommend this movie enough, especially if you’re a fan of campy older movies. Just be prepared to clutch your pearls.


They’re Here! Swatches!

Okay, I swear that this is the last time I’ll talk about my cats in hats. But do they not look beautiful printed out on fabric? I definitely need to order a bigger cut so I can see all 20 of them!

From left to right: cotton poplin, cotton voile, organic cotton sateen, Kona cotton, and linen-cotton canvas. The only one that doesn’t look as good as it could is the canvas, but I think that’s because detailed images don’t show up very well on such a rough weave.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the fabric and my original ink drawings. Pretty spot-on if you ask me!

Anyway, I should be posting a more substantial update fairly soon, as I’m about to start another piece. A few weeks ago I mentioned that my new actor-crush is John Hodiak (sorry Orson); as it turns out, fate has conspired to have me paint a piece based on one of Mr. Hodiak’s films. I literally squealed, “John Hodiak is in this?? Yes!” as soon as his name came up in the opening credits.

Let me tell you, I was very excited to collect reference material.

Cats In Hats

20 of them.

I had done a sketch for fun of cats in hats, but quickly realized that not only did I want to do them justice, but I also most certainly had the time to do so.

I spent the past week house-sitting, and took the opportunity to glue myself to Turner Classic Movies. I watched: The Harvey Girls, Ace In The Hole, The Andromeda Strain, Them!, East Of Eden, A Star Is Born, Arabian Nights, Topkapi, The Shanghai Gesture, Love Is A Many Splendored Thing, Flying Tigers, 55 Days At Peking, The Hawaiians, and The Right Stuff. I also fell asleep during The Man Who Would Be King and woke up halfway through Lawrence Of Arabia. So that’s…. 14 movies in 8 days, not counting the ones I slept through? Not bad! I still don’t quite get the appeal of Judy Garland (or James Dean, to be honest), but I am now most certainly a Charlton Heston fan.

Of course, I didn’t watch all these movies (or paint all these cats) alone. I had some assistance.


I sound like a crazy cat lady, don’t I?