Van Gogh and Millet crackers from the Korean grocery (mysteriously named Zion Market) near my apartment:

I’ll have to remember to buy some the next time I’m grocery shopping…

Anyway, the piece I posted an in-progress shot of (here) a few days ago is going to be in a show at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles! The show is titled “Price…less” because nearly all of the works featured are available to purchase for $250 or less. Which is a great idea, really, making art much more affordable around the holiday season.

Here’s how my painting turned out, but the scan didn’t do justice to the richness of the colors.

Birds featured: gold finch, pine grosebeak, zebra finch, Chinese phesant, long-billed corella, Mandarin duck, ibis, wood pigeon, scarlett rosella.

Here’s all the information you need about the show:

I’d love it if some of you SoCal residents could make it out! If you do stop by, be sure to say hi- I’ll be the girl sitting in the corner, nursing a beer, making awkward conversation.


Painting birds is pretty relaxing. I love details, and with their patterns and feathers, birds are basically made out of details. So- one down, eight to go!

I’ve been meaning to do a painting like this for a while, just a big collection of some of my favorite birds. So I’m glad I’ve finally gotten around to it!