I finally finished!

I was worried that U-Z would be difficult, but I actually really enjoyed doing those letters! I think the fact that there are fewer popular animal names that begin with those letters made things a bit freer.

So here they all are! You can see them in detail at my website.

Update: due to a certain amount of interest, I’ve started to make prints available. If there’s any work you’re interested in that you don’t see available, please let me know!


I took a break from the Anibet; and that’s okay, I’ve had other projects that required more immediate attention.

But I’ve gotten back into the swing of things by painting a super special version of one of my favorite animals, the narwhal.

I love these guys! I’ve met people who never realized that they were real, or that they even existed at all. They exist! Hardly anyone knows that their horns are in fact not horns, but actually very, very long teeth. That is how some very few narwhals end up with two “horns”; they just happened to have two teeth that would grow so long!

There are pictures on the internet of these fabulous two toothed narwhals, but beware- the first few pictures that pop up on Google are, sadly, of narwhals killed for their fantastic teeth.

For a closer view of my narwhal, and the rest of the Anibet, please visit my website.


You heard it here first!

In a little over a month, I have completed the first half of my current project, The Anibet (Animal Alphabet, to those of you who are new around here). It’s been a learning process, and a good one. I’ve had to start considering the pieces as part of a collection, not just individuals; this has had a generally positive effect on both my animal and color choices (otherwise these would all end up being red and turquoise fish. Which, now that I think about it, may be a good next project…). 

The collection can be viewed at letterPLAYGROUND, as well as in their full-sized glory at my website.