Little Prince

I took a break from working with leather yesterday to finish a project I’ve had floating around on my desk for the last few weeks.


A pillow portrait of my cat! I’m sorry I don’t have process photos to share this time around, but it was basically the same as this project; start with an image, print it as a neagative on a transparency, place it over your dyed fabric, set it out in the sun. Done! I’ve had so much fun figuring out how to use the inkodye and brainstorming different projects.


I tried taking pictures of my cat and the pillow together to see if you could see the likeness, but he isn’t the most photogenic animal.


Oh well.

Block Party

You guys, I’ve started block printing again! I’ve been taking a hiatus for the past few years after I foolishly decided to do only block prints for one of my classes for an entire semester. By the end of it, my hand was starting to go numb, which is pretty scary when you want to paint for a living! But it was very fun; there was something intriguing about making these bold, graphic, textured shapes by hand when it seemed like everyone in illustration was doing the exact same thing digitally.

one of my class assignments

But I’ve been missing being able to get so physical with a piece of work; it’s so easy to tense up when drawing and painting, especially when you work pretty small like I do. So after some deliberation, I decided to jump back into printing and only do small projects every once in a while. Like this!


My mom gave me a box of beautiful blank cards and envelopes ages ago (when I was still in high school, I think), and I’ve been carrying them around with me, from apartment to apartment to apartment, swearing up and down that I was going to use them some day. So I suppose that day arrived! And now I’m dreaming and scheming of other ways to use up that entire box. In the meantime, I’ve thrown these guys up on Etsy, because the last thing I need to be doing is making even more clutter for my apartment.