Wolf Pack

I’ve been pretty distracted lately as my own personal wolf pack has grown. But friendships and relationships have been on my mind lately, so here’s an unending sea of wolves, a tight knit pack.


First, laying out the grid and drawing the wolves…


Starting to paint!


The painting ended up a little too big to fit comfortably on my scanner. I always keep my fingers crossed when photomerging things- sometimes Photoshop messes up spectacularly.


And after adding some color, we have a wolf pack! I’ve been loving all the indigo dyed/chambray pieces of clothing I’ve seen floating around lately, and wanted to try and get that beautiful deep blue. Maybe I’ll just have to print this on some fabric and make myself something cool…

Fertile Ground

It’s been over a month, hasn’t it? Geez.

Anyway, I can finally share the paintings I finished a little while back! The first is this guy:

Clarkson_FertileGroundsmallFertile Ground, in acrylic ink and gouache, for Light Grey Art Lab’s Macro & Micro show, where all the work fits into a category; animal, vegetable, mineral, or other. The show opens tomorrow night in Minneapolis, and if you can make it, I’m jealous! I remember visiting the MCAD campus as a teenager, and if I knew such a cool gallery would be right across the street from campus, I maybe would have given it more consideration! C’est la vie.

The second, I’ve already shared.

IMG_0767This little guy (a mere 6×6″!) will be for sale at the Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida at their starter art show. Personally, I love starter art shows; who doesn’t like scooping up cute little affordable pieces of art?


Anyway, I regret not having a more substantial update, but over the next couple of days I hope to have more to share!


Spring Has Sprung

I’ve been on a plant-painting kick lately! I’ve never been much of a girly-girl, but flowers have been finding a way into my life lately, weather I’m painting them, or wearing floral socks, or dreaming about how beautiful Point Reyes is this time of year.


It’s been so fun to work on some paintings that are bright and happy. I’ve also been making more of an effort to work out my color palette completely before starting ( the website Color Scheme Designer has been invaluable).

Here’s one painting without a predetermined palette:


It’s okay. But not amazing. Here’s a second go using a palette:


So much brighter! So much more eye-catching! Even with the weird paint-shadows my scanner is making.

I finished another plant painting last night, but it’s for a show at Light Grey Art Lab next month. Until then, here is a sneak-peek:


PS, my cat has been taking advantage of all the extra sunshine.


Strangeness and Charm

Every few months, like clockwork, I decide I need to get better at painting portraits. Well, my clock started ticking a few days ago. Hence, Miss Florence here.


I took the opportunity to bust out my gold ink that I bought a few years ago and never used. It’s pretty amazing looking in the right light.


Also, it is clearly magical stuff.

Just a Reminder for You Slueths Out There!

The Gallery 1988/HelloGiggles “Young Adult” show opens on Saturday, and I have a piece in it! The HelloGiggles site has a small preview of a few pieces.

Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion

Here’s a in progress/detail pic:


I’m seriously looking forward to the opening! The subject matter is right up my alley, and I think it’s pretty cool to see a celebration of female artists and the books we grew up on.

Picture 5

Dream Big, Nancy


I feel bad for Bess. She is not the brightest bulb in the Nancy Drew character chandelier. I love Ned’s casual sexism. Let’s face it dude, you may have the college education, but Nancy is way more likely to make it to outer space. Probably as a thank you for finding Richard Branson’s diamond encrusted lobster or something.


a painting!


My finished Marceline, Vampire Queen. That hair is definitely my favorite part. I imagine her hair would sort of float behind her, as if she were under water.

I wasn’t able to scan her until today, because I’ve started doubling up paintings on my giant watercolor paper block.


Okay, maybe it’s not so big to some of you (14″x20″), but I tend to never paint any bigger than 9″x12″, so there. I’ll post my Nancy Drew painting in a few days; but I’d like to let you all know now about the show it’ll be part of- Gallery 1988’s ‘Young Adult‘ show, presented with the super cute HelloGiggles. I’m excited to see the show when it opens. I think it’s pretty interesting that with all the books provided to choose from, so many artists went with Nancy Drew. Just goes to show how beloved and iconic she is, I guess.