I finally finished!

I was worried that U-Z would be difficult, but I actually really enjoyed doing those letters! I think the fact that there are fewer popular animal names that begin with those letters made things a bit freer.

So here they all are! You can see them in detail at my website.

Update: due to a certain amount of interest, I’ve started to make prints available. If there’s any work you’re interested in that you don’t see available, please let me know!


Who doesn’t love an otter? Or a pangolin, for that matter?

An otter was a no-brainer, I think, but there are so many wonderful animals that begin with the letter P! Panda! Panther! Peacock! Pelican! Platypus! Piranha! Polar Bear! Pony! Porcupine! Praying Mantis! Puffer Fish! Python! This was probably one of the hardest choices I’ve had to make so far in selecting an animal for the Anibet, but at the end of the day, my heart belongs to the pangolin.

These newest additions, and the rest of the alphabet, can be seen here.