Le Chat Méchant

Yesterday, my roommate posted a link on my Facebook to a competition to design a scarf. Pretty cool. The catch? The deadline is tomorrow.

Bring it on.

First, sketch. The theme for the contest was “words”. Inspiration could be a single letter, a single word, or a quote. I chose “Le Chat Méchant”. The Wicked Cat.




Next, get to working on the real deal!



Things changed a little bit when I started drawing. I liked the idea of a border of eyes, but the scale didn’t look right. So I made them smaller and threw in the rest of the face. I liked the shapes the ears made.

Here’s another in progress photo, with a better view of the ears.



After finishing the base design, I did some text and extra shapes on a separate piece of paper, then scanned everything and opened it up in Photoshop. Wham bam a few dozen minutes later, I was finished! (Honestly, I just forget to take in progress screencaps when working on the computer).



Here’s what the layers looked like:



Their styles are multiply, overlay, screen, and multiply again.

Not too shabby in less than 24 hours! Here’s a link to the company holding the contest. Wish me luck!

16 thoughts on “Le Chat Méchant”

  1. I wish you the very best of luck. The design is fabulous. I want that scarf! I would have been impressed even if you had not accomplished this in such a short period of time.


  2. Fun design. Love it! I can paint, but have a terrible time with Photoshop. Wish I could use the software as well as you! Found you on WordPress recommended sites. I’m following you so maybe I can learn more about Illustrator.


      1. Wow…you don’t know what you are committing to 😉 I think because I’ve used Publisher programs forever and Illustrator doesn’t perform in the same way. Like, for instance “Crop”. Took me all day to try to figure out how to crop an image! There is no “crop”, in AI, as I finally figured out. I think I need to just take a class. It takes forever to do simple things.


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