Team Sansa

I, like so many others, am a big fan of Game of Thrones. But unlike a lot of those fans, I kinda love Sansa. Hell, I could see her maybe possibly even winning this whole thing.

What I love about Sansa is her innate humanness. She makes very human choices, and makes very human mistakes. Whenever people talk about their favorite characters, or who they would be in the GoT universe, everyone thinks they would be Arya, or Tyrion; a total badass. But I bet that if many of us were thrown into this chaotic world, we would flounder a bit, and need some time to get our footing. And maybe never be that great at playing the game. Like Sansa.

Because of her humanness, Sansa is one of my favorite characters to draw. She has been dealt such a bad hand in life. Yesterday I finished a painting of her; it’s really a speculative piece, and who knows if it’ll ever happen. I have a feeling it will though. After being away for so long, Sansa will eventually return home to Winterfell, only to find that her home is no longer there.


11 thoughts on “Team Sansa”

  1. I think Sansa is one of the most regal characters in the whole character throng… but Arya rocks! Lovely painting… love the poignancy of the little stuffed animal (:


  2. Lovely painting but I disagree about Sansa. So far she’s just been a victim and has had to learn how to deal with it. I think she will get to a breaking point and she’ll snap and start making her own decisions. I think she’ll even kill someone. I see a Cersei in the making but she won’t be after the throne.


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