Day Job

I’ve never quite gotten the hang of networking; I can see how useful it is, but I really have to push against my first instincts to strike up a conversation with a stranger and call attention to myself. But sometimes, just talking to people in a non-serious way can open up new opportunities.

Word got out at my day job that I had gone to art school. First, I was asked to finish a mural someone else had started in the break room. After I proved myself by wrapping it up in a timely manner, I was given other things to work on. Like cute little “growth charts” to track our quarter’s sales, with the idea being that as our sales increased, they would be slowly colored in. The best part was definitely putting together outfits out of items we had in store at the moment.


As I worked on them, they were dubbed Jacques and Sierra by passers-by. Each stands about three feet tall, way bigger than I’m used to drawing.

Next came some decoration for a chalk board in the break room.


The ghost was a contribution of a coworker. We are quite the talented bunch.

Word spread, and I was called over to a different store to do some work for them in their break room too.




I know it’s impossible to get a sense of the whole thing from these photos, but believe me when I say it doesn’t seem to be made out of so many disparate pieces in person.

All in all, I had a pretty great time brainstorming with the store managers to come up with something that suited the space and would add something to the environment while keeping in mind that I had a limited amount of time and materials to work with. Not to mention working on a much larger scale than usual! While I don’t think I’ll be pursuing a career in mural work any time soon, these projects have been refreshing departures from both my personal work and my normal work day.


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      It’s been an interesting journey for sure! And also satisfying to contribute something a little extra to my workplace.


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    I hear art schools get a bad rap but artists in general make a bundle if they hit the streets hard enough and some times all it takes is a moment to create some thing special that will solidify their names forever. Art moves man


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    Nice post. Just goes to show that if one has competences, word would sooner or later get around and opportunities to show one’s passion would open up.

    Why have you stopped posting?



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