Snail Pop

So long without a post! I suppose that’s what happens when you go on vacation, move to a new apartment, and feel like challenging all AT&T representatives you speak with to hand-to-hand combat. What I’m trying to say is, I have no internet connection. But I promise that I have been getting a bit of work done.

After taking a trip to the Natural History Museum here in LA, I found a lot of inspiration in the collections there. Specifically, the huge groups of stuff. Shells and minerals and birds and bones. Maybe other people go for the wonderful animal dioramas, but I am a big fan of organized, vast collections.



More work will result from this trip, I think, but to start, I was inspired to go back to one of my first loves: snails.



Somehow the organization of creating a pattern felt like the right way to interpret a museum collection.

Here is where I’m limited by blogging on my phone- I wish I could give you a better look at all the patterns! If you’d like to investigate any of them further, please head over here.

There’s plenty more inspiration to be had from my trip (those gemstones! those ducks!) and I’m sure I’ll be back soon with more to share.

7 thoughts on “Snail Pop”

  1. Lol. I didn’t know that shade of blue and that shade of, sorta darkish pink, could work so well together. I still hate snails though. Sorry.


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