The Week in Review

By my standards, this week has been a fairly eventful one (which is to say, not that eventful at all by anyone else’s standards).

I fell head over heels in love with Grumpy Cat (my chest swells with happiness every time I watch this video of her). I helped Amy Pohler one day at work. It struck me that Grumpy Cat and Amy’s coworker look similar.


I found out that I got a whole page in the GIRLS: Fact + Fiction book.


I learned how to make paper flowers while waiting for paint to dry.


I finished the 3rd painting in my Jane Eyre series.


And I’m wrapping up the week by attending an adoption mixer tomorrow (yes, someone finally had the wonderful idea of adding alcohol to the cat adoption process) where I will be briefly reunited with the two kittens my BFF and I rescued from behind a taco truck.


All in all, a fulfilling week. Onwards to Eyre painting #4. But first, to watch that Grumpy Cat video again…

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