A Field Trip, and a Painting

Did you know that the Beverly Hills library has a mini gallery of original paintings? I sure didn’t!

I wish I could tell you who the first two were by, but I didn’t do my usual decent job of recording just what exactly I was taking pictures of. I can tell you though, that the third image is of a Chris Van Allsburg gouache painting. Oh yeah, that ain’t ink, my friends. He painted all those lines. And this painting is small, like 7×10″ tops. Totally crazy.

Anyway, my library field trip was a success, and I went back home to kick myself in the butt for not painting as much lately as I should. It may be kind of a mean thing to say, but living in LA and being surrounded by creative types who have had to settle for more mundane careers is simultaneously scary, sad, and invigorating. It’s a constant reminder that I shouldn’t get too comfortable in my retail position.

So I painted a sort of test run for a series I’m about to start working on, just to get an idea of the ink to gouache ratio I want, as well as the mood and color palette.

Did you know that if you mix sumi ink and acrylic ink, the sumi ink will not like it at all and start to congeal? The more you know!

It’s not super great, but I think it’s a good reintroduction to the kinds of paintings I was doing before, and want to keep doing.

My favorite part is the bird you can see in the distance through the trees.

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