My Two Favorite Elephants

“Mah apple!”

That’s a lie, I love Treetrunks there on the left way more than Phanpy on the right. Because my cat is named Finn, I sometimes talk to him in a Treetrunks voice. And I lied to you again, dear readers, when I said last night that I was taking a small painting break to work on a larger project. Unless you think a break of less than 24 hours counts. Funny how that works.

Anyway, here is a small tribute to one of my favorite shows, and one of my favorite video games (which I still play, thankyouverymuch). To get to the nitty-gritty, the painting took less than two hours and was done in red and blue calligraphy ink and with two watercolor brushes, round, sizes 00 and 4, on a sheet of cold pressed Arches watercolor paper, 5×7″.

Phew, now I feel like an adult again.

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