More Swatches!

And more besides swatches!
But swatches first. In my last post, I mentioned that I had turned some drawing of corgis into a fabric pattern.

I just received my swatch in the mail today, and it looks great! Really, the pictures I took don’t do them justice.

Each corgi is about 1.25″ long. It’s super cute, if I say so myself.

I also ordered a swatch of fabric that I designed a while ago. Unfortunately, the color isn’t as rich on this one as I was expecting. It’s still pretty good though. And I think it would be worth going back and redesigning the layout so it isn’t so easy to pick out where the pattern starts to repeat.

Besides that, I started a painting the other day, but progress has been slow after a stupidly pulled a bunch of muscles in my arm while playing tennis. But I like how it looks so far! And by being forced to slow own, I have to think a little bit more about where it’s going.

I was considering giving her tattoos, but now I don’t know.

For a while I was thinking about giving her a much more detailed dress; I decided not to, but spent a while flipping though my fashion books anyways. In my little book on 60’s fashion, there were some serious advertising gems. Like this one here:

And this one:

Here’s a close-up of the copy:

I’m torn between being awed at how modern it seems, or disappointed that advertising hasn’t gotten much better than this (although, “a model is a mannequin” seems a bit harsh, no?).

Okay, last one. It’s just weird and fun:

And a little plug for my fabric (because the banner is so cute!):

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