What A Day!

Today was exciting, to say the least!

I did two small portraits this morning before heading off to work.

Sorry about the small size! They’re little because they’re made to accompany articles written by the portrait subjects.

Then this afternoon my partner in crime over at The Fear Girls, Sophia Rowland, took part in a live video discussion on feminism for The Huffington Post. She did a great job, and while we both agreed tonight that the discussion could have been a bit more focused, it’s definitely still worth checking out. We’re both really grateful, and think that this can only mean good things for the site.

Later, some guy got upset about an article I wrote a few weeks ago for The Fear Girls regarding the gendering of children’s toys.

Interestingly enough, his linking my article gave us the day’s second huge boost in traffic. So thanks, dude. Whoever the hell you are.

Last but not least, I have internet access again! So I can go back to being an unproductive vegetable, as nature intended.

3a.m. update: Kidding! I’m not a vegetable. Yet. I decided to make a fabric pattern out of the corgis I drew the other day.

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