An Update of Sorts

It’s been over two weeks since I lasted posted, so I felt an update was in order. Even though I really only have spare odds and ends to talk about.

First, I sent a painting to New York yesterday for the upcoming Gallery 1988 show there. It’s an annual show for them of pieces all inspired by cult films, but this is the first time they’re hosting an exhibit in NY. I wish I could go out there to see it! Kudos to anyone who can recognize the movie, although I feel my reference is maybe a bit too obscure.

My assistant was a great help during the always trying matting process.

I also recently updated my website, so now it has an airier, more open feel to it. I also added a section for my textile pattern work, which has been on my to-do list for months now.

Finally, here is a quick preview of the painting I’m currently working on- a portrait of Sabriel (shown with a pencil so you can get an idea of the scale). I’m nearly finished with reading the Abhorsen trilogy, and the lure of painting such a wonderful heroine was too strong to resist. I’m considering doing an entire series of paintings based off the books. There is some powerful imagery in them; walking in death, flying in giant paper aircraft, summoning magic, fighting monsters and exploring ruins. Oh yes, I think this is the start of something very interesting.

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