Good-bye, George

As some of you may have heard, the tortoise Lonesome George died a week ago. He was the last of the Galapagos tortoises from Pinta Island. He was estimated to be over 100 years old, which is actually only middle-aged for his kind of tortoise. Maybe he really was lonely.

As a quick warm-up before moving on to a more complicated piece, I did a portrait of Lonesome George.

Salt made George’s textured skin.

George, nearly finished, with all of the inks I used to paint him.

I hope you aren’t as lonely in the afterlife, buddy.

9 thoughts on “Good-bye, George”

    1. If I knew the secret, I’d tell you. But I’m just as baffled! The best guess is that because I’m left-handed, I’m used to dragging my hand through fresh ink while writing if I’m not careful.


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