Out with the Old, in with the… Old

This is old news, but it’s new to me! Because I hopped around so much last summer (I lived in 4 apartments, went on vacation to NYC, and stayed with a friend all in 5 months) I didn’t get some of my mail until recently. Including this!

The Saint Mary’s College January Term course catalog for 2012. Because my thesis advisor (all around awesome human being Bob Ciano) is an art director at St. Mary’s, he contracted several former classmates and myself to do pieces for the catalog. That’s Laura Ramie’s work on the cover. I apologize for the poor quality of my photos.

Other highlights:

Denise Nadal

Yina Kim

Benjamin Wheatley

And me!

It’s been so long, I only vaguely remember saying this.

Bob also included a very nice letter, so now I feel awful about not keeping in touch with him. I have some writing to do!I’m sharing his letter, if only to show off his awesome penmanship. Besides being an art director and thesis advisor, he teaches design and type classes.

Even though it’s been 9 months since this package was mailed to me, it arrived at the perfect time. I’ve been feeling restless and slow lately. Like I’m not going anywhere and I’m not doing enough to get myself moving again. The catalog is a perfect reminder of not only what I’m aiming towards, but that I am already a professional. I have been published. I’m still trying to make it all work out, but I have already made it. Now I just need to keep making it.

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