If it’s spring (nearly summer!), why am I still drawing like it’s fall?

I always have a hard time figuring out just what to draw. It’s like I expect to still get school assignments and have someone guide me. Anxious about the fact that by not drawing for myself, I’m getting rusty, I went with my old favorite- little woodland creatures. And I couldn’t leave it at that, so I worked them into a simple repeat.

Next hurdle: getting back into painting. I’m done with ink- let’s get summery and start using color!


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    you may be rusty, but this is gorgeous darling! i think it’s a good sign when you can envision your work on a tote, haha…at least in my crafty, hipster mind 😉


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      That’s quite the compliment! Some day I’ll get my butt in gear and start sewing again… How about a tote with a big mushroom on it, then with this as the lining? That would be fun…


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      Just a design for now! I uploaded it to Spoonflower, but I have to buy and approve a swatch before I can make it available to anyone else. Thanks!


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      Haha, thanks! I’m toying with the idea of printing it on fabric, but wrapping paper would be cool too!


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