I Will Stop Procrastinating… Later

But really, procrastination has been the name of the game lately. I hardly ever make the time to paint for myself anymore. My search for illustration work has basically ground to a halt. I’ve even gotten really complacent at my day job. I completed my latest painting at the last minute, literally finishing it, framing it, and dropping it off at the gallery in about 14 hours. Even though it was over a week ago, that still doesn’t feel good. But at least it got finished, right? Maybe the recent summery heat is slowing my down…

I want to be where the cool people are.

A few months ago when Gallery 1988 contacted me about doing a piece for their “Memes” show, I jumped at the idea of painting Hipster Ariel. The Little Mermaid was my absolute favorite movie growing up, and my parents even put together an awesome Little Mermaid themed room for me. Unfortunately, I grew up to not enjoy swimming. But I’m still fascinated by sea creatures, and I’m still partial to crayon red hair.

This painting has convinced me to go back to gouache for a while. Mostly because of two things. This stuff:

And this:I decided on a whim to try the Martin’s concentrated watercolor, but was frustrated by it’s… watercolorness, I guess. I was expecting something that wouldn’t bleed when painted over. As for that second photo, I’ve noticed that if I don’t change my paint water often enough, my black ink leaves a film on the water’s surface that sticks to my brush and makes odd little stains on my paper. No me gusta.

I guess hindsight is truly 20/20, and I wish I had a chance to go back and do the painting over. The colors aren’t even how I would really like them. This is closer to what I saw in my head:

C’est la vie, I suppose. But I’m looking forward to doing a few little warm-up paintings with gouache and shelving ink for a while. So look for more color in the future!


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      Oh man, I started watching entire runs of tv shows on netflix recently. It’s the world’s biggest time suck….


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    This is great!

    & as much as I love the magenta/sea-foam palette I think I actually like the real version just a little better!

    On a side note, have you heard of society6.com? It’s a site to sell prints of your work – they frame and ship! All you have to do is upload a file as a print, even as ipod/iphone covers, laptop skins, hoodies, and tshirts if you like!
    You then set your profit margin & wait!
    Point being? I can see Hipster Ariel being very popular!

    The entire community is very inspiring! Some of the work runs a little, similar, but most of it is amazingly different; it’s a fun place to browse!


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      Thanks! I think I’m just so comfortable with using the magenta and sea foam colors (I had a teacher once forbid me from using what she called “your rusty mauve color”) that I’m just not used to the look of the gold and blue.

      And I have heard of Society 6! I’m a member. 🙂 Are you? Thanks for reminding me to put Ariel up! I agree with you about the work being a bit similar (especially on the front page!) but it’s such a cool idea that I haven’t given up on it yet.


      1. Oh fabulous! Yes I am; I guess I should have just tried looking for you 😛

        & thats a good way to put it, “haven’t given up on it yet”.

        I am under theartistmakena, I shall look for you! & Ariel. 🙂


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