It Has Been Too Long!

When was the last time I posted anything? It’s been nearly 4 weeks, by my estimate (please, no one count and tell me, I’m too ashamed).

So first of all, can anyone tell me what’s up with this?

467 Followers?? Wha..?

Hello new followers I’ve been gaining over the past 6 weeks or so! Where are you from? What are you doing here? How did you find me? Tell me about yourselves.

Anyway, I did not return empty handed! I have two new paintings to share.

Is anyone else utterly consumed by Game of Thrones lately? I mean, I’m not consumed consumed, I still manage to dress myself and go to work and keep the cat fed, but that’s about it. So what is there to do but channel that energy into fanart?

First, Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost. Where are they? North of The Wall, perhaps? Who knows! I sincerely hope that the makers of the show figure out how to make the direwolves look BIG as they get older.

Fun fact, while searching for reference for Jon, I came across a photo of an actor who happened to be the nephew of John Wilkes Booth. I wonder if his castmates ever mistrusted him?

Both of the paintings were done with black sumi ink, with little details in white gouache. I have to say, after working with very opaque paint for the past few months, where any mistakes can be easily covered up, made working with just ink very difficult. So much care and precision is required, but don’t go too slowly or things will dry before you finish painting them! But it was all so very enjoyable (I apologize for any weird wordings I may use, I’ve been bouncing between Jane Austen audiobooks and BBC miniseries lately). It was great to tap back into my watercolor roots and play with layering washes again.

I used quite a bit of ink about a month ago in order to cover areas quickly while under time constraints. It felt really good to slow down and to do the painting piece by piece over the course of a few days.

I want to quickly apologize for the quality of these images- these paintings look so lovely in real life, but I’ve noticed that my scanner likes to pick up the texture of my paper, which, combined with the fact that the paintings are black and white ink washes, makes the scans look a bit like photocopies.

See? Looks like a photocopy to me. Anyway, the second painting is of Daenerys (who came out looking a bit Lana del Rey-ish) and Drogon. Looking at it now, I think both Drogon and the rock Dany is sitting on could be a shade or two darker. I wanted the images to be opposites, with Jon in his blacks framed against Ghost and the snow, and light, ethereal Dany set starkly against Drogon and the harsh landscape. So I may go back and correct this. Just not right this second. Also, I know, horrible dragon anatomy. Animal anatomy confuses me on a good day, so to draw an animal I can’t possibly get reference of? Not a good idea.

I’m enjoying painting with ink though. The washy quality, and the depth you can get by layering is very appealing, as is the texture you get with nice watercolor paper (these babies are both 9×12, painted next to each other on a sheet of 14×20 Arches cold press paper, 140 lbs., if anyone wants the specs).

I’ve been looking at the work of Saul Tepper for the past few days, and wondering how well his style of working one color into a black and white piece would work in ink.

The Lady Who Promised (?), by Saul Tepper
Illustration for The Tall Ladder, by Saul Tepper

As far as I can tell, he worked in oil. And it seems that the use of only one color was probably due to printing constraints. But I still like the look of it.

Illustration for The Tall Ladder, by Saul Tepper
A beautiful paunting housed in the archives of The Society of Illustrators in New York.

Time to get some colored inks and try it out, I suppose! Now is definitely the time to experiment before another deadline sneaks up on me.


  1. Reply

    wow. thats a lot! maybe you got freshly pressed.
    they dont look like photocopies. i think the texture actually makes it look like its on quality paper, as opposed to flat paper.


    1. Reply

      That’s good to hear, about the texture I mean.

      I was freshly pressed back in… October? But all of a sudden in December I think I started getting way more followers. It’s a mystery!


  2. Reply

    Very nice ink works, depiste the bad quality of the scan (which is really not that terrible). I’m looking forward to seing more work of yours sooner than in 4 weeks 😉
    And thank you so much for sharing te work of Saul Tepper. It’s so inspiring and amazing! Makes me want to paint… This is just awesome.


    1. Reply

      They’re on the small side, usually no bigger than 9×12″.
      As for being fast or slow… we all have our own pace. I guess I was talking more about how all throughout school I was told how important it is to draw every single day, and I don’t do that. I usually only draw when I have an idea for a painting. If I don’t have time for painting I’ll go days and days without even touching a pencil, which I think I need to work on correcting. Even if it means getting a bigger bag so I can carry a little sketch book with me.


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