Ah, the inevitable Valentine’s Day-related painting.

As a snarky lady with a highly… unsatisfying love life, I’m not a fan of making earnest, heartfelt, touching paintings. Paintings of people in love with no dark humor or clues that it won’t turn out well. Which is why whenever I get the urge to portray love, it turns out like this.

They’re brachiosauruses (brachiosauri?)! In love! They’re like the Jack and Rose of the dinosaur world.

I had so much fun making up their markings (loosely based on this guy) and coming up with letter designs. This was actually my second attempt at this painting; there’s a 1/4th finished version hanging around my workspace, still waiting to be thrown out. I’m glad the letters came out so well- it was very stressful, freehanding them without a sketch underneath to guide me.

Anyway, these lovely creatures will be in the “Hard Love” show at The Hive Gallery in downtown LA next month; I normally hate doing anything around/relating to Valentine’s Day, but I’m secretly excited to go to a show of all cynical paintings and to meet the people who made them. Unless everyone else interpreted “hard love” as the genuine difficulty that comes with sticking by someone you love. If that’s the case… awkward!

And if you’re a horrible person like me and think your loved one really needs this painting, it will be available at The Hive Gallery on Feb. 4th, and there are prints available here.

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