One of my dearest friends, Sophia Rowland, recently took the plunge and turned her blog, The Fear Girls, into a honest-to-goodness .com. The concept and execution of her blog is wonderful- she’s gathered together a group of young women (myself included) and given them a place to post articles on feminist issues near and dear to their hearts. Sophia encourages her authors to choose subjects that mean something to them, and fosters discussions inspired by the articles. Topics include body image, watching porn, dealing with harassment on public transportation, the Kardashian sisters, and the minefield that is talking to men about feminism.

I’m a writer for The Fear Girls, and I’m also their in-house illustrator. Because I have known The Fear Girls for so long- from being an idea rattling around Sophia’s head, to her choosing a name (trivia time! The Fear Girls is named after Lily Allen’s song The Fear), to there only being a few articles, to the site flourishing and housing the opinions of 7 authors (soon to be more!), it was important to me to treat my work for The Fear Girls as a real job.

This was my initial sketch for the banner:

I sent the sketch out to Sophia and another writer for the site, Siena, for feedback. The items on the right and the ladies in the center passed, but the baby and the books had to go. I agreed.

Gone are the books and baby, and in their stead, a scale and a woman wrapped in a measuring tape. Much better.

As the site has grown, I’ve been making little portraits on the authors to go along with their articles. Here are the icons so far:

That’s me in the bottom-left corner.

Anyway, congratulations to Sophia; I know The Fear Girls is gonna go far, and I’m honored to be along for the ride.



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