Once upon a time, I considered switching majors from Illustration to Textiles.

I took a few textiles classes, and had a bit of a knack for it. I did some sewing in my spare time (and made a nice bit of cash off my hobby at the school’s craft fair), so the idea of designing my own fabrics for my projects was appealing.

But I quickly came to my senses, and decided to stick with my true love, illustration (learning nothing, I would go on to have a brief, painful affair with printmaking).

What made me change my mind was the fact that, while studying illustration, I could continue to work on textile and printmaking projects in my spare time. It would be much harder to study illustration on the side.

That said, I’ve gotten rusty. I decided yesterday to try to make a quick repeating pattern, and it came out okay. I’m sure it would look nicer if I took the time to scan it, but I’ve only got an iPhone camera to work with right now.

6 thoughts on “LINE THEM UP, ONE BY ONE”

    1. I actually don’t use any programs for making patterns (too confusing!), it’s all grid based. This is actually a 3×3″ painting that I tiled in Photoshop.


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