Well, I’ve just gotten back from a week in New York, specifically Manhattan; there wasn’t even enough time to get over to Brooklyn. I’ve never understood the need to record every single moment of a vacation (how many pictures of myself in a disheveled state do I need?), and I even felt annoyance on behalf of the New Yorkers around me while stuck in the same subway car as a tourist who felt the need to record such a momentous occasion.

That said, how could I stop myself from taking a quick picture whenever something caught my eye?

Such as chipped layers of paint on a subway platform,

or textiles at The Met.

Nosebleed seats at a Broadway show,

or right against the stage in Central Park.

Entire buildings in the East Village slowly being eaten by rust,

and the tiniest minerals lovingly preserved.


These are only a few of the things I documented on my trip, and there were plenty more things that I wasn’t able to get pictures of. I brought along my little 4×6″ sketchbook, and I can’t wait to attempt a few studies based off of my sketches from the Alexander McQueen show. I’ll continue to work on the Anibet soon, but there are a few other things begging to be put on paper first.

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